Repairs and Services Include:

  1. Cassette  – transfer to CD
  2. Data Recovery
  3. Hardware and Software Upgrades
  4. Laptop Cleaning and Repair
  5. Memory Installation
  6. Network Maintenance for Your Home or Business
  7. Network Set Up for Your Home or Business
  8. Password Recovery Service
  9. Reinstall of Operating System
  10. Remote Tech Support – Offer remote access repair with TeamViewer
  11. Restoration of old photos
  12. Retrieval of information from Hard Drives
  13. Scan 35mm slides and edit them.  All are put on a DVD that will work on PC’s or TV   – email for price list
  14. Scan photos – put on a DVD
  15. Setup of Backup utilities
  16. Setup of Printers and Scanners
  17. Slow Running Computer
  18. Software Installation
  19. System Backup
  20. System Upgrades
  21. Troubleshooting Blue Screen Messages
  22. Troubleshooting Start-up Problems
  23. VCR Home Movies – transfer to DVD
  24. Virus Removal
  25. Wipe and Clean Hard Drives

 Don’t Worry about what Computer to Buy and How to use it!

  1. Personal Home Training for Software Programs or Computer Instruction
  2. Help in Purchasing Computer Systems and Setting them up
  3. Transfer of Information from Old Computers to New Computers
  4. Setup Wireless Internet or Printers 

  What Can You Do With Your Old Computer?  

  1. Completely Remove Your Data from the Hard Drive
  2. Disposal of Old Machines (please inquire)

  I Will Troubleshoot any Problem that you Have!