Shirl Business Photo_cropped

My name is Shirl Crane, and I’m the owner and operator of “Shirl’s Computer Solutions.”  My computer training started back in 1996 with a company that trained and hired me to do home teaching and repairs. From there I was hired by Schenectady County Community College and taught computer classes, digital photography, and Photoshop for 13 years. I decided while at the college to start my own business, and it is now a full time business that services Windows and Mac machines, personal home training, and has expanded to work with digital media where I transfer VHS and Cassette tapes to the CD and DV format. I also scan slides and photos, and create slideshows with the images that are preserved on DVD and are readable on computers or TV. My goal in my business is to return everybody’s computer to them the way that “I” would want mine returned to me!

I always go beyond what’s expected, because that’s the way I’d want to be treated by someone I’m trusting to do work for me!